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Securing BGP routing with RPKI and ROA’s

Posted by Andree Toonk - January 19, 2011 - Hijack, IRR, RPKI

Securing BGP has been on the todo list of the IETF and the community at large for many years. Over the years we’ve seen several proposals, the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is the latest and most successful initiative. RPKI solves one of the most fundemental problems. It allows us to verify whether an Autonomous […]

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How accurate are the Internet Route Registries (IRR)

Posted by Andree Toonk - March 28, 2009 -, IRR

Many service providers use an IRR to register their routes and to create BGP filters. These filters define what they will accept from customers or peers.  This is considered a good practice, as it will prevent accidental leaks. However, using an IRR to build your filters is only useful if the registries are complete. You […]

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