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Posted by Andree Toonk - October 3, 2012 -, News and Updates - No Comments
As many of you are aware, has been offered as a free service since becoming publically available in 2008. From its inception the service has been funded largely by myself. Now, due to ever-increasing popularity, it has become unsustainable to run the service on personal funds and my available time. I have reached a branch in the road: must either become financially self-supporting, reduce its scope or cease. Clearly the latter options would waste the project's potential and accomplishments. So I'm happy to announce that as of today services will be available in two flavors: a free 'entry level' service and a full-featured premium commercial service. With these changes, will become more sustainable and provide better support, and allow us to continue improving services while adding new features. What to expect Our base services remain free, but with a limited feature set and up to 5 prefixes per account. The premium commercial service allows you to monitor as many prefixes as needed and provides the full-feature set on a new powerful platform. The routing report, SOAP API and additional email address features are now part of the premium service. Pricing details can be found in the new client portal. Please note that your current account has been converted to a basic account. Login into our new portal to see what this means for you and to make changes to the list of prefixes. We included many changes in this new release. Recent upgrades include our new website, PeerMon, the improved API, the new portal and full RPKI support. I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support and encouragement over the last few years. I hope our new service offering will meet your needs and will help strengthen for the years ahead. Introduction into the new BGPmon client portal

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